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Diagram of Fuji-Keizai Groups

Professional groups to support business management and marketing activities through the provision of information

Fuji Keizai Group will leverage field research know-how and data accumulated over many years together with a wealth of case studies to quickly and accurately respond to any customer research need. Fuji Keizai Group will promote the expansion of the customer's business and support improved profitability through information provision services as well as consultation based on expert field research and databases.

Diagram of Fuji-Keizai Groups

Fuji Keizai Management Co., Ltd.

Fuji Keizai Management is the group headquarters that executes overall control over the Fuji Keizai Group. Fuji Keizai Management is responsible for management such as the total management strategy for the Group, development and coordination of the Group companies and international business development, etc.

Fuji Keizai Co., Ltd.

Fuji Keizai has a proven track record in research covering extensive areas from consumer goods to environmental energy. Fuji Keizai is a pioneer market research firm with a research network covering Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya which continues to closely exchange information with industry participants on a regular basis. It was re-established in 2005 as a separate operating company.

Fuji Chimera Research Institute, Inc.

Fuji Chimera Research Institute provides status surveys and consulting with the aim of obtaining superiority in state-of-the-art information amidst the increasing sophistication of information, communication and IT intelligence. Fuji Chimera Research Institute has gained a high reputation for their market research in high-tech areas such as semiconductors, industrial electronics, telecommunications, the automotive industry and materials, etc. The Chimera, from which the company name is derived, is a lion-goat-serpent hybrid beast from Greek mythology. Fuji Chimera Research Institute aims to provide multi-faceted and complex research based on customer needs.

Fuji Keizai Networks Co., Ltd.

Fuji Keizai Networks maintains a database incorporating market research data for a wide range of industrial areas obtained through Fuji Keizai Group's field research as well as the survey data of government agencies. Fuji Keizai Networks offers services to meet the diverse needs of customers such as online research data services, online individual market trend information search and internet blogger information, etc.

Kyoiku Hyoronsha Co., Ltd.

Kyoiku Hyoronsha has published education-related books for the purpose of collecting educational information. Kyoiku Hyoronsha commenced publication of general books in 2006 and has since published books in a wide range of fields including literature, how-to books, children's books, art books, history books and business books, etc.

Overseas subsidiaries

Overseas subsidiaries have been accumulating global research and analysis know-how in response to industry research needs arising from Japanese companies' overseas business strategies and the global strategies of foreign companies, etc. It establishes Systems for research and analysis leveraging the expert foreign research staffs who have been employed as well as the excellent local staff and global field research is realized through these overseas subsidiaries who work closely with headquarters.

Zhonglian Fuji Keizai Consulting, Inc.

Zhonglian Fuji Keizai Consulting is entrusted with conducting surveys and collecting and analyzing market information in field research on consumer goods and industrial goods in the growing Chinese market.

Beijing Fuji Chimera Consulting Co., Ltd.

Beijing Fuji Chimera Consulting is engaged in market research and consulting work in China with a focus on the electronics, IT and materials fields.