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Our Reports

Fuji-Keizai Group publishes an extensive range of market studies covering automobiles, chemicals, computers, consumer electronics, consumer goods, foods, healthcare, industrial goods, pharmaceutics, telecommunications, and many others. Each study provides comprehensive analyses and in-depth understanding into current and future trends and opportunities.

Our research covers the following categories:

Foods & Food Services
Diagnostic Testing, Medical Equipment/Systems
Cosmetics, Toiletries, Sundries, Other Consumer Goods
Electronics Devices/ Components/ Materials
Home Electronics, Audio- Visual, Entertainment
Information Technology, Networking, Software
Automation, Control Technology, Industrial Machinery
Automobiles, Transportation, Storage
Chemicals, Plastics
Home/ Housing Equipment, Security Systems, Construction
Environmental Improvement Technology & Systems
Distribution, Service Industry

If there is a specific subject of your interest not found on this list, please contact us.