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Message from Chairman

Since establishment in 1962, the Fuji Keizai Group has strived to satisfy customers through the provision of high-quality information under a "credit first" management philosophy.

Since then, the Japanese economy has experienced rapid growth, two oil crises, transition to the floating exchange rate system, globalization of the economy following the end of the Cold War, collapse of the bubble economy and the global financial crisis after the Lehman Brothers shock, etc.; however industry has responded appropriately to these sudden changes in the environment. Japanís heavy industry such as the iron and steel and automobile industries, etc. and electronics industry, which have led Japanese industry for many years, are aiming for further development, incorporating the demands of a new era such as environmental and energy-related demands, despite the catch-up in emerging countries. From a global perspective, it is fair to say that economic development in China, India and Southeast Asian countries, etc. has seen Asia become the largest global market. Technological innovation in the areas of IT, nanotechnology, biotechnology and energy, etc. also continues to advance with amazing momentum.

Industry is at the helm of a difficult business amidst this violently fluctuating environment in which it is difficult to look ahead in time. The demand for market information is increasing and there is a need for more specialized, more accurate market information.

Fuji Keizai Group fosters professional researchers who become involved in the market to collect "live" information in many areas, including food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, materials, electronics, machinery, automobiles, the environment and energy, which is then provided to customers following multi-faceted analysis.

Fuji Keizai Group is composed of holding company Fuji Keizai Management as well as market research and consulting information providers Fuji Keizai, Fuji Chimera Research Institute and Fuji Keizai Networks. Kyoiku Hyoronsha, a company that disseminates culture through the publication of books, etc., also falls under the umbrella of the Fuji Keizai Group. The Fuji Keizai Group also includes affiliated companies based in China.

Fuji Keizai Group has global ambitions and will work as one to meet customerís market information needs.

President & COO, FKM:
Masao Seguchi
Masao Seguchi