Research Report Guide

Research Report Guide

Global Fuel Cell System and Stack Component Market Report 2015-2030
with Japanese Hydrogen Refueling Station Market

July 13. 2015Osaka Marketing Division, Fuji Keizai215 pages
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Period 2013~2016, 2018, 2020, 2025, 2030

[Fuel Cell Market]

Area Japan [Asia]
Korea, China
[North America]
USA, Canada
UK, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Italy, France, Northern Europe
Item Fuel Cell System [Application]
Stationary (Large/Residential), Fuel Cell Vehicles, Transportation, Portable/Backup, Mobile Devices
Stack Component [PEFC Stack]
Electrode, Electrolyte, Bipolar Plate, GDL
[SOFC Stack]
Anode, Cathode, Electrolyte,
Metallic interconnector

[Hydrogen Refueling Station Market ]

Area Japan Item Hydrogen Refueling Station,Hydrogen Fuel

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Fuel Cell System Market

The Japanese market of Residential fuel cells almost takes a place beside the North American market of Large Stationary
The total market in 2013 was 109.4 billion yen in terms of monetary amount, and 170MW in terms of output scale. The ratio of fuel cells for Large Stationary was more than 60% in terms of monetary amount, and more than 70% in terms of output scale. Then, the ratio of Residential fuel cells follows. The ratio of these two applications is more than 90%.
Among the areas, the North American market, making up 40%, was the largest, same as the result of the previous Fuji Keizai's research.
Mass production of fuel cell vehicles will start around 2020
Commercial fuel cell vehicles (FCV) released at the end of 2014 come under the spotlight as a future market, together with hy drogenrelated infrastructures. After 2015, foreign manufacturers will launch products, following the domestic manufacturers. Althou gh the first generation of products by the preceding car manufacturers will fully prepared around 2018, their manufacturing costs will be still high.Mass production of tens of thousands of vehicles will start around 2020. The manufacturers have already started developing next generation models, and will focus on low–cost manufacturing further.

PEFC Component / Material

The PEFC stack component market size in 2013 was 8.9 billion yen. Approx. 45% was for fuel cell vehicles, and large part of those components were used for R&D such as tests of stacks and development of cells. Soon, the domestic and foreign manufacturers will release commercial products consistently,and the component market will shift from R&D oriented to commercial oriented. As a result, the PEFC component market will rapidly grow up.

SOFC Component / Material

The SOFC stack component market size in 2013 was 6.2 billion yen. Major companies which provide commercial SOFC products are foreign companies. Especially, Bloom Energy products are most required. Many Japanese companies supply electrolyte components and others to Bloom Energy. In the domestic market, Kyocera takes a lead. The market of mainly home–use applications will be formed, as TOTO, NGK Spark Plug, Sumitomo Precision Products, and NGK Insulators will newly release their products.

Hydrogen Refueling Station Market in Japan

In Japan, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry provides a prior preparation project for construction of hydrogen stations for fuel cell vehicles along with commercial distribution of them. This prior preparation project has started in 2013.
Some foreign countries are constructing hydrogen stations, and when internal stations and demonstration stations are included, not a few stations exist. However, only the limited number of stations are available for general users. We give an eye to the areas such as California in the US, Germany, England, and Northern European countries. In Japan, supposedly 74 hydrogen stations (totally 81 locations) will start operation by March 2016. As a result, Japan has the largest number of hydrogen stations in the world.

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Research Item

[I General Overview/ Total]

  • 1. Fuel Cell Market Overview
  • 2. Total View of Fuel Cell System Market
  • 3. Fuel Cell System Market Trend and Forecast by Application
  • 4. Total View of Fuel Cell Stack Component Market (PEFC, SOFC)
  • 5. FC Stack Material/Component Market Trend and Forecast
  • 6. Analysis of Stack Costs based on Stack Component Quantities
      Used for per Fuel Cell System
  • 7. Market Trend and Forecast(Fuel Cell System and Stack Component)
  • 8. Fuel Cell System Market by Application
  • 9. Fuel Cell System Market by Type
  • 10. Fuel Cell System Market by Area
  • 11. Stack Component Market
  • 12. Correlation Chart of Major Companies
  • 13. Company List

[II Market Data]

  • 1. Fuel Cell System Market Data (Capacity)
  • 2. Fuel Cell Stack Componet/Material Market Data (Volume)

[III Individual Market]

  • <A. Fuel Cell System Market>
  • 1. Product Summary
  • 2. World Market by Area
  • · Japan, North America, Europe, Asia
  • · Quantity<Unit>, Capacity<kW>, Amount of Money<>
  • 3. World Market by Type
  • · Capacity<kW>
  • 4. Market Trend Analysis
  • (1) Market Trend
  • (2) Expected average shipping price of fuel cell system
  • (3) Trend by Area
  • 5. Market Share by Manufacturer
  • 6. Movement of Major Company
  • (1) Movement of Major Company
  • (2) Cooperation
  • (3) Major Product
  • 7. Major company
  • <B. Stack Component Market>
  • 1. Product Summary
  • 2. World Market by Area
  • · Quantity<kg,㎡,Sheet,> Amount of Money<>
  • · Ratio by Area
  • <Stationary (Large/Residential), FCVs, Transportation,
    Portable/Backup, and Mobile Devices>
  • · Ratio by Area (Japan, North America, Europe, Asia)
  • 3. World Market by Type
  • · Quantity<kg,㎡,Sheet>
  • · Amount of Money<>
  • 4. Market Trend Analysis
  • 5. Quantity of Loaded Components/Estimated Price
  • 6. Effort and Product of Major Company
  • 7. Major company

[Hydrogen Refueling Station Market]

  • 1. Forecast of hydrogen stations in Japan
  • 2. Hydrogen station construction forecast
  • 3. Hydrogen station construction cost: Forecast
  • 4. Hydrogen application and hydrogen sales forecast for Japan market
  • 5. Hydrogen fuel related market: Shipment forecast (list)
  • 6. List of commercial hydrogen stations in Japan
  • 7. Regulation item to be revised for popularization of hydrogen stations in Japan


Research Report Guide