Research Report Guide

Research Report Guide

December 2015

Market Research Reports

Reality and Future Prospect of Medical and Life Science Chemicals 2015

December 18. 2015Fuji Chimera Research & Institute Inc.266 pages
¥150,000 without taxThis report is in Japanese.<CD–ROM is attached with extra charge.>

It summarized the medical life science segment expected with relatively high added value and higher profit as business area related to life. It covers the 6 areas with 46 products such as 4 regenerative medicine products, 5 artificial organ, 13 medical treatment drugs, 6 bio related medical drugs, research and analytical tools (8 plates and sensors etc.), and part materials and raw materials (10 culture / enzyme / antibody items). It mentions principally the kinds of accepted materials and its market trend, by especially clarifying the accepted materials’ trend in each product.

Transforming to Medical IT Seamless and Cloud and Future Prospect of Medical Big Data Business 2016 ; Vol.1 Medical IT and Medical Information Platform Edition

December 18. 2015Tokyo Marketing Division, Fuji Keizai359 pages
¥140,000 without taxThis report is in Japanese.<CD–ROM is attached with extra charge.>

It predicted the medical IT and medical big data business market until 2025. The vol.1 studied the market trend and enterprise trend along with axes of 3 alliance systems of regional medical alliance system, regional comprehensive care system, and electronic medicine notebook system, based on governmental policy trend of medical IT such as electronic karte etc. It also summarized the introduction status to facilities, alliance status of medical IT, and trends of transforming to seamless, cloud, mobile, and wearable.

Functional Cosmetics · Marketing Handbook 2015–2016

December 17. 2015Tokyo Marketing Division, Fuji Keizai304 pages
¥120,000 without taxThis report is in Japanese.<CD–ROM is attached with extra charge.>

By classifying the cosmetic market by functions (total 21 functions of 5 functional skin cares, 6 functional base makes, 5 functional body cares, and 5 functional hair cares), it clarified the market trend by functional products. By comprehending the market size change and forecast from 2005 to 2016 and the market estimation by business types from 2012 to 2015 (counseling and self–selection etc.), and the shares by channels, makers, brands, and products, it mentioned the notable new components, functional concept trend, and future direction.

Comprehensive Study of Wearable / Health Care Big Data Business 2016

December 16. 2015Fuji Chimera Research & Institute Inc.316 pages
¥120,000 without taxThis report is in Japanese.<CD–ROM is attached with extra charge.>

It investigated the market trends of healthcare related system / service on which attractions are focused according to latest wearable devices / data health plan. It covers the 3 products and 3 services of health check and promotion area, the 6 device products of sport area, and the 5 products, 8 service businesses, and 4 health care peripheral devices of medical and caring area. It further described the 11 cases of business development by entering companies, global market trend / topics in the industry, related domestic regulation laws system, and health and welfare social environment data.

Foodstuff Marketing Handbook 2016 : Vol. 4

December 16. 2015Tokyo Marketing Division, Fuji Keizai332 pages
¥100,000 without taxThis report is in Japanese.<CD–ROM is attached with extra charge.>

It investigates the 410 foodstuff products with 27 categories with the 7 consecutive volumes. The vol.4 describes the market size change, each sales trends by kinds, temperature zone, application, and retail sales channel, package trend, market share status, and higher ranking brand shares as for 53 seasonings (edible oil, vinegar, spices, and various sauces) and 24 seasoning foods (curry, stew, and sources). It mentions newly the market by flavors (in part) and the drug store channels from this issue.

Imaging and Sensing Related Marketing : Comprehensive Survey 2016

December 15. 2015Fuji Chimera Research & Institute Inc.324 pages
¥100,000 without taxThis report is in Japanese.<CD–ROM is attached with extra charge.>

It investigated the camera industry with dynamic movement by higher functionalization of smart phone and the optical rerated product market such as the market environment / competitive situation of imaging products for in–vehicle application and social infrastructure facing significant growth. It covers the total 47 products of 7 consumer devices, 8 social infrastructure products, 3 medical treatment devices, 4 information input/output devices and 7 optical units mounted in the before mentioned devices, 4 optical parts and 7 materials related to the before mentioned parts, 5 device and image processing technologies, and 2 instruments.

H·B Foods Marketing Handbook 2016 : Vol. 2

December 15. 2015Tokyo Marketing Division, Fuji Keizai363 pages
¥110,000 without taxThis report is in Japanese.<CD–ROM is attached with extra charge.>

The vol. 2 covers the healthy foods and series supplements with great importance of functionality in healthy and beauty foods. It investigated the market size and market shares of 22 products with 16 items such as nutrition and invigoration, liver function improvement, beauty skin effect, fixing bowel effect, diet, lifestyle–related disease prevention, blood circulation promotion, adjuvanticity, bone/joint support, anemia prevention and recovery, etiquette, eye care, multi–balance, hormone balance, relax, and green charge.

Reality and Future Perspective of Welfare Related Market 2016

December 11. 2015Osaka Marketing Division, Fuji Keizai186 pages
¥120,000 without taxThis report is in Japanese.<CD–ROM is attached with extra charge.>

It summarized the domestic market trend of such products and services including caring robot with latest cutting edge technologies and the care related market outlines, by remarking the growth of care related market along with population increase of aged people. It covers the total 37 products of 14 device/tool/system, 18 consumable/apparatus/required things, and 5 services in the individual item section. It analyzed the direction and issues related to future welfare which are found in usage by scenes (meal, movement, excretion, bathing, sleep) in the summary section.

2015 Sensor Device / Big Data ·IOT Market : Comprehensive Survey, Vol.2 : Big Data / IOT Edition

December 07. 2015Fuji Chimera Research & Institute Inc.276 pages
¥150,000 without taxThis report is in Japanese.<CD–ROM is attached with extra charge.>

It implements to grasp and analyze the business reality of various companies to enter the market in addition to the market trend of big data / IoT solution, future direction, and trend by business types. It covered and cited the market overview of 8 big data / IoT related product and service and the case studies of 8 general SIer companies and 23 solution vendors. It also mentioned the market trend of 10 big data / IoT related product solutions as solution cases.

Reality of Connected Car Related Market and Telematics Strategy 2016

December 04. 2015Nagoya Marketing Division, Fuji Keizai414 pages
¥130,000 without taxThis report is in Japanese.<CD–ROM is attached with extra charge.>

It studied the connected cars and in–vehicle information communication system. It analyzed the market trends of notable technologies such as access and apps by cloud as well as existing telematics, furthermore silicon valley momentum for forthcoming perfectly automatic driving, future strategy of car makers to develop connected cars and related hardware and software, and human machine interface and big data utilization related above.

2015 Communications Related Marketing – Comprehensive Survey < Vol.2 : Communication Services Edition>

December 02. 2015Fuji Chimera Research & Institute Inc.277 pages
¥120,000 without taxThis report is in Japanese.<CD–ROM is attached with extra charge.>

In the vol.2, it surveyed the market trend of total 36 products of 7 internet connection services, 5 mobile communication services, 5 fixed data communication services, 3 international communication services, 7 voice related services, and 9 other services. It considered the market size forecast until 2019, demand trend by communication service and utilization scene, shares by communication services, trend of software transformation and service differentiation, action and approach for service wholesale and electricity retail liberalization.

Multi–Client Study Report

R&D of Next Generation Soft Actuator and Its New Market Creation Strategy

December 25. 2015Tokyo Marketing Division, Fuji Keizai201 pages
¥800,000 without taxThis report is in Japanese.

As the polymer system/metal system flexible actuator which is power driving source including physical energies such as electronics, heat, light, and magnetics shall be defined as the soft actuator (called artificial muscle), it summarized the progress status of R&D, realization trend, and need exploration of assumed demand areas for analysis of market potential. It also cited 5 national and governmental institutes, 20 universities, 10 private companies, and 20 toy/medical and caring devices/robot makers as case studies of R&D enterprise organization.

Comprehension of Effects for Notable Construction materials Market by Renovation of Harbor Facilities

December 24. 2015Tokyo Marketing Division, Fuji Keizai191 pages
¥800,000 without taxThis report is in Japanese.<CD–ROM is attached with extra charge.>

As investigating the maintenance and renovation status for aging of harbor facilities, it summarized the market data. It comprehensively covers the summary and analysis of harbor governmental administrative reality, calculation of concerned market scale, market environment and construction unit price of related construction materials, condition and issue of construction method, and actions for new technologies. It also described the reality of maintenance and renovation against 5 international strategic harbors, 18 international hub harbors, and 2 important harbors as cases study.

R&D Trend of Nano Cellulose in Wood System for Automobile and Its Perspectives of Realization

December 22. 2015Tokyo Marketing Division, Fuji Keizai226 pages
¥800,000 without taxThis report is in Japanese.

It outlines the R&D cases and future realization trend of government and public agents / universities / related companies (materials, machines, automobile, and automobile parts) as for cellulose nano fiber (CNF) and cellulose nano crystal (CNC). It covers and mentions the market size forecast of each raw material, direction of R&D, and technology roadmap and the action status of 4 consortiums of governmental R&D, 6 public research agents, 11 universities, and 26 private companies as case studies.

Trend Analysis Survey of Color Contact Lens Market 2015

December 16. 2015Tokyo Marketing Division, Fuji Keizai150 pages
¥1,000,000 without taxThis report is in Japanese.<CD–ROM is attached with extra charge.>

It studied the color contact lens market with market expansion because of selling channel spreading of new business condition birth from viewpoints of product / distribution / consumers’ perception. The market edition revealed the structures of marketing strategy of each company and calculated the market size / maker shares. The distribution edition grasped the status of shelf space occupation and sales results by channels and it implemented the analysis of sample collection of over 500 items by questionnaire survey of purchase motivation and usage scene.

MR Distribution Map in Each Prefecture by Major Pharmaceutical Companies 2015

December 15. 2015Tokyo Marketing Division, Fuji Keizai642 pages
¥900,000 without taxThis report is in Japanese.<CD–ROM is attached with extra charge.>

It implemented in–depth study of MR allocation numbers of major 46 pharmaceutical companies by sales channels and by area and special system in 47 prefectures. In 2015 version, it summarized the location numbers of each company by area, comparison of MR allocation weight, and local medical care topics of recent years in order to empower the information of marketing strategy by area with increase of attentions. It also clarified the staff numbers by sales channels as for such companies to adopt the sales channel system in area and special system, this time.

Market Reality and Latest Trend of Functional Feed Mixture, Premix and Feed Additives 2015

December 15. 2015Osaka Marketing Division, Fuji Keizai503 pages
¥1,000,000 without taxThis report is in Japanese.

By studying the market trend of functional feed mixture, premix , and feed additives (vitamin, mineral, and amino acid) for livestock farming and fisheries area, it clarified the raw material analysis, market size change, and shares as for notable functional components (calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate etc.). In the enterprise section, it mentions the total 42 company cases by animal drug and pharmaceutical medicine makers, feed and premix makers, food stuff makers, chemical makers, agriculture and livestock farming material related makers, wholesaler, and chemicals and general trading companies.


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